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Kaua'i District Tennis Rules
1. Kauai District League Tennis shall be governed by the USA League Tennis and the Hawaii Pacific 2004 Regulations and all rules specified below. The current officers for the Kauai District Tennis Association (KDTA) are: President - Darlene Joseph; Vice President - Anne Miyamoto; Treasurer - Tammie Quinlan; Secretary - Heidi Duarte. This year's league coordinators are Rosemary Smythe, Paule Brie, and Midi Yamanaka.

2. In all district matches which are played without officials, The Code (which can be found in Friend at Court) shall be observed. The USTA Point Penalty System shall be used for District League matches. Any disputes during a match shall be resolved by the captains using The Code and USTA rules as guidelines. If a dispute cannot be settled during the match, play the match to completion and file a written grievance.

3. A player fee of $20.00 will be assessed each player on each team. This fee includes the $2.00 Tennis Link fee as well as program fees for the Hawaii Pacific Section and Kauai District. A non-playing captain will be assessed only the $2.00 Tennis Link fee.

4. A player who registers for any Kauai District USA Tennis League team may request a full refund if the player has not played any match in the specified division and cannot play the entire season due to an injury, illness, an unforeseen emergency or other extenuating circumstance. A refund request for any other reason is subject to approval by a committee made up of the Kauai District League Coordinators. No refunds will be granted to players who have been disqualified for failing to meet eligibility requirements of have been NTRP disqualified.

5. The captain of each team, and only the captain, shall be the official spokesperson for the team.. All questions and communications with various USTA League Tennis leaders shall be done by the captain only.

6. Format of play is best of 3 sets regular scoring using a Set tie break at 6-all with a Match tiebreak (first to 10 points with a 2-point lead) in lieu of the third set. Regular scoring throughout the first two sets. There is a maximum 120 second break at the end of each set. No coaching is permitted during the entire match.

7. All players must have current USTA memberships prior to playing in their first match and be nineteen years of age or older on or before December 31, 2004. In order to be eligible for championship play a player must have played in at least two (2) matches for that team during the local League season.

8. All players must have a valid NTRP rating prior to playing in their first match. Players who do not have a computer rating (generated within the last 5 years) shall self-rate themselves in accordance with the NTRP guidelines and declare their self- rating on Tennis Link when registering.

9. Team matches and Team Match Scoring: A team winning the majority of individual matches shall be awarded one team point. At the end of District League play, the team with the most team points shall be entitled to advance to the next level of competition. In the event of a tie at the local League level, the tie will be broken by the first of the following procedures that does so (in the order given):

(a) individual matches that is the winner of the most individual
matches in the entire season

(b) sets that is the loser of the fewest number of sets in the entire season

(c) games that is the loser of the fewest number of games in the entire season

(d) head to head competition that is the winner of head to head matches between the teams tied. If the teams are tied in head to head competition then the team losing the fewest sets in head to head and if still tied then the team losing the fewest games in head to head and if still tied then the winner shall be determined by a coin flip with the winning captain of the first head to head match making the call.

10. Each captain shall register a minimum initial roster (a minimum of 6 players for Senior, Mixed and Ekolu Leagues and 8 for Adult League) prior to the captains' scheduling meeting. The purpose of this is to require a captain to register the minimum number of players required for a team PRIOR to participating in the scheduling of his/her team's
matches. This does not preclude a captain joining the League division after the scheduling meeting has taken place.

11. The captain's scheduling meeting shall take place within no less than 14 days from the designated start date of League play (not the first scheduled match). It is recommended the League Coordinator in conjunction with the KDTA Board schedule a players' jamboree prior to the scheduling meeting to allow players and captains to associate and form teams.

12. Players may be added to the initial roster up to 30 days after the designated start date of League play up to the maximum number allowed per roster in each division which shall be 12 players for senior, mixed and ekolu and 16 for adult league.

13. These rules are intended as guidelines to promote fair competition and friendly participation in the game of tennis. Players, captains, and coordinators should keep this in mind when applying these rules to situations as they arise.