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7.0 Mixed 2011 National Champions

slam musubi
Congratulations Slam Musubi!!  On being the first Kauai team to be crowned National Champions. 
"The Hawaii team is captained by Michelle Fitzgerald, and features Michael Fitzgerald, Michael Henthorn, Nikki Matsumura, Rosemary Smythe, Madison Duarte, Adrian Alvarez, Shawn Morimoto, Susan Ham-Young, and Ron Olen and plays at the Hanalei Bay Resort.
Michelle and Michael Fitzgerald commented on what this championship means to them, the island of Kauai, and the importance of completing the match.
"It was good for us to come together in the true spirit of the sport, and not have it called by weather," Michael said. "Everybody wanted to play it out and it was a true win."
 (from HPS website)